For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the wild that is found in the mountains of the Rocky Mountain region. As a child, I spent my summers exploring and learning about the “woods” in the Medicine Bow National Forest where my Grandparents homesteaded near Laramie Peak. The freedom and the beauty of the mountains matched with the abundance of wildlife cultivated my fascination with nature and my love of all things wild. My education initially started as a sportsman and big game hunter, but over the years I have evolved into an outdoorsman, conservationist, and nature photographer. Over forty years later, I am still on the quest to experience, understand and “see” the natural world. My scope has widened during my time as a photographer to include the natural beauty throughout the United States.

As a photographer, I spend countless hours in the field chasing elusive wildlife, temperamental weather and fleeting light. I am fortunate if I end the day with an amazing image, and only a handful of pictures I capture each year merit a spot in my portfolio. My philosophy is that I am a guest in nature enjoying everything it has to offer. I love to photograph wild animals in their natural environment, and I am willing to be patient and study their behavior so as not to create stress for them. Understanding animal behavior allows one to respect the animal’s space, anticipate their movements, and realize when it is time to move on. This respect and understanding sometimes means not getting the shot, but that is the price you must pay to be an ethical outdoorsman and wildlife photographer.

All of my images are depictions of reality. Minimal post-processing is applied to each image, and I do not do anything to an image that could not be done to a negative which fits with my desire to capture nature as I see it and share it with you. The majority of my fine art pictures are offered as signed & numbered limited editions.

Through my photography I hope to instill a sense of wonder about the wild, share the importance of conservation, and allow others to experience the roar of the Lower Falls in Yellowstone National Park, the howl of the Lamar Valley wolf, and the bugle of the rutting bull elk. I am fascinated with the emotional power of still images, and I believe that a picture can mean something different to each person that views it. Fine art photographic images allow people to create a story in their mind, and in many cases, great pictures create an emotional connection for people.